A night of… science?

Can you guess what the most scientifical night of the year is? That’s right, you guessed it (or not) – it’s the European Researchers’ Night! Every year on the last Friday of September, researchers across Europe gather to make science accessible and fun to visitors. This year the event happened on the 24th of September and the crew of researchers from ICArEHB was invited not only for a researchers’ night but for – drum rolls, please – researchers’ DAY!

The event happened at Mar shopping Algarve and included many scientific centers from the Algarve. Everyone had stands with experiments, little games, small exhibitions and even TVs with cool videos. The ICArEHB stand included some videos about past excavations and other archaeological content, an archaeological quiz for all those wishing to learn more about archaeology and a small exhibition with materials recovered throughout the years in the many archaeological campaigns researchers from the center have participated in.

Roxane Matias at the ICArEHB stand, showing several archaeological materials discovered in many of the archaeological campaigns in which ICArEHB members have participated.

It was awesome to participate in the European Researchers’ Night as a researcher from ICArEHB. We got to talk about archaeology with people of all ages – from young, bright children to curious adults – and show the visitors what is it archaeologists do. After all, “sciency” data and articles are great but sharing our discoveries with the public and helping people know more about our past is also a fundamental aspect of archaeology. Next year we hope to participate again and share archaeology with anyone daring enough to know more about our past.

So… see you next year?

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