A day in the lab.

As you may have already heard, Archaeology is a science that studies the human past by analyzing bones, rocks, charcoal, ceramics, or shells (among others) that are in archaeological sites. These archaeological sites are very important, because they were the home of past human communities, where we find the remains… Read More »A day in the lab.

The beginnings of agriculture.

We hope you enjoy your veggies because today we are going to talk about… agriculture. Humans didn’t always accompany their meat with lettuce, tomato, and carrot, nor did we always have bread or cereal for breakfast. In fact, agriculture marked a revolution in human (pre)history. Starting at about 10,000 years… Read More »The beginnings of agriculture.

What is an archaeologist anyway?

We could define archaeologists as people who study human history and prehistory, and who also try to understand and develop interpretative theories about past communities. They do this through the excavation of archaeological sites and the analysis of archaeological materials or other physical remains. So essentially, we could say archaeologists… Read More »What is an archaeologist anyway?