Events and workshops

Statistics for archaeologists 101: part 1

Archaeology is a science that is strongly influenced by many other scientific fields. This can be seen in the different theories and methods that materialize contacts with disciplines like philosophy, anthropology, sociology, geology, chemistry, topography, and so on. However, this also shapes how archaeologists position themselves within Archaeology and the… Read More »Statistics for archaeologists 101: part 1

A night of… science?

Can you guess what the most scientifical night of the year is? That’s right, you guessed it (or not) – it’s the European Researchers’ Night! Every year on the last Friday of September, researchers across Europe gather to make science accessible and fun to visitors. This year the event happened… Read More »A night of… science?

Putting GIS on the map.

On the 12th of June the Master’s and PhD students from the Archaeology course at the Universidade do Algarve joined in for a GIS workshop (Geographic Information System). This workshop, offered by researcher and teacher from ICArEHB, Dr. Célia Gonçalves (a GIS specialist), focused on teaching us the basics of… Read More »Putting GIS on the map.